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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Say hello...

...to the newest Flea Market Chick!
This week I was browsing through my favorite blogs and I happened to read that the Flea Market Chics in Bremerton were looking for new vendors to sell at their store. I absolutely love looking through their blog at all the gorgeous things that they have for sale and I've always wanted to take the hour long ferry to check it out, so I took a chance, took a ferry, and showed them pictures of some of the projects I've done and they loved them! I'm the newest Chick! I am so excited. I get to start doing what I love and getting paid for it! Not only that, but now I have a REASON to go thrifting and a REASON to buy things! (Our little house is so packed that I haven't been able to justify any new purchases or projects!)

I'll keep you updated when my stuff is there. And for those of you in Washington state, this place is well worth the hour and a half trip. Really.


  1. Hooray! I'm so excited for you and excited to see your stuff!

  2. Ya! That's so awesome and right up your alley. Plus, it means we'll start to see more action on your blog because I LOVE seeing your projects!