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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A real bedroom set, resurrected

As I am now a married woman, I need a real bedroom set for our bedroom. I bought a fabulous old door of Craigslist months ago with the intention of turning it into a headboard someday. I still have every intention of fulfilling that dream, but realistically, it will be a lot of work and I don't have the time. However, I did have this great vintage bedside table and a white pottery barn bed I inherited from my sister. The bed was in my nephew's room. He now prefers to sleep with his mattress on the floor and have bookshelves made of cardboard these days so he took his bed apart and put it in the basement while my sister was taking a nap (he's 11). While it was well-loved, it was super sturdy and still in great shape. All the walls in our room are white, so I wanted to paint it to make it stand out.
Last weekend, while Bart was away on a climbing adventure, I went to work painting it my new favorite color--grey. I painted the bedside table and added new pulls as well. Love the result. I must say, I miss my husband madly when he's gone, but boy do I get productive!
I made the curtains, duvet and lampshade, got the pillows at Target, and made the starbursts on the wall out of rolled-up magazine pages.

I'm not really sure if anyone reads this blog anymore, but just in case there is someone out there. I should be posting more soon. I've been asked to decorate for a Gala for a local non-profit organization, One Day's Wages. The Gala is November 10 and I've got a very small budget to work with, so it's time to get creative. I'm working with my friend Kristin and we've got some great ideas up our sleeves. The gala is supporting a great cause and all who live in the area are welcome to attend. Check it out!!


  1. Looks great Cydney! I love how you mix colors.

  2. Cydney,
    Write! I'm still reading and love your ideas.

  3. Cydney, you amaze me! Oh, and I miss you!!!

  4. I love how your bedroom turned out - glad I got to see it in person, too. The grey is such a great color.

  5. I still read your blog! Keep sharing what your doing! I love it!