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Monday, February 20, 2012

Yes, I guess we are "those" pet owners.

I can't help it. She looks stinking cute in this, doesn't she? I've always scoffed at people who dress their pets (sorry, people who dress your pets) but necessity recently has facilitated my venturing into the world of pet dressing. Don't worry, it will stop here, I promise. Except maybe halloween--Tosia made a really cute Granny the year that Bart was the big bad wolf and I was Little Red.
Anyway, over New Years, hubby and I spent the weekend at the Mountaineers Lodge at Mount Baker. We brought Tosia along 1. because it's really hard to find someone to babysit a blind and diabetic dog when they have to give her insulin shots, and 2. They've let her in the lodge before when it wasn't very busy, so we thought we'd take a chance. Unfortunately, it was a very busy weekend, so we packed a huge down dog blanket and her bed and tried to make her as comfortable as possible in the car. It was a cold night, so we took turns every two hours running out to the car to warm it up. I had a thin down jacket that we put on her, but it was a little big, and frankly I don't share that well with pets. So, we decided to make Tosia her very own coat.

Luckily, I happened to get the perfect coat for free on my last raid of my brother's donation trailer. My nephew Sam had outgrown this big puffy coat and it was the perfect size for Tosia. This was so easy to make, and I wish I would have taken pictures of the process, but maybe next time when I decide to make these and sell them for $50 a pop. I simply cut out the sleeves and the chest, sealed off the zipper and added velcro to attach around her neck. It keeps her toasty warm when we leave her for the day in the car while we snowboard. I promise, that is the only time she wears it. Oh, and when we just want some cute pictures!The pockets come in handy for her essentials: flashlight, treats, what have you...

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