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Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 minute ottoman

Our wedding is 62 days away and I'm starting to feel the crunch! I've got a To Do list a mile long, so it's time to crack down and get things done. First item, my second ottoman.
Here's the before picture. An ugly, pink ottoman from a thrift store. Although it's ugly, it's still in pretty good shape, so I did a quick fix on it. Instead of removing the cover and starting from scratch, I decided to cover the existing fabric to speed up the process.
After cutting off the skirt and taking the legs off, I laid the ottoman face down on my fabric and pulled it up tight to staple it to the bottom of the ottoman.

I stapled the ottoman all the way around and pulling it tight, I folded the corners instead of sewing them. Screwed the legs back on and voila! 20 minutes later, an ottoman! I wouldn't normally do things this thrown together, but when I'm cutting it this close, I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

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  1. Squeee! I got your wedding announcement this week! I am so dang excited for you! I love seeing all the amazing things you create...you are in.cred.ible.!!!