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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

signs...that I'm going a little nuts?

I had this great idea for signs using leftover fabric from my invitations, a printer, embroidery hoops, and these beautiful, delicate swirling iron lantern posts we have. I want my wedding to feel like a pleasant spring garden party, complete with a picnic-style luncheon, lawn games, a dress-up photobooth, and overall a relaxed atmosphere. I want people to feel free to wander around and enjoy the day. Having signs will help them identify where they can go and what they can do, besides just being fun to look at :) To print on fabric, it's actually really easy. I bought some Freezer Paper from the grocery store, ironed the shiny side on to a piece of muslin fabric, and cut it to the size I wanted (I did 11" squares for a 10" embroidery hoop). When you iron the freezer paper to the fabric, it doesn't feel like it will stay and it's not a super strong hold. However, it holds together long enough to feed the fabric and freezer paper through the printer. Once it prints, you peel the freezer paper off the back, and voila! You've got printed fabric! After printing the fabric, I cut out more appliqued flowers and using wonder-under ironed them onto the fabric just like I did with the invitations. Then I put them in the embroidery hoops, trimmed the excess fabric from the back, and tied a ribbon to the top.

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  1. Cydney,
    I am amazed with your creativity. Each of the projects, that I've seen on your blog looks great. Good luck with everything!