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Monday, February 28, 2011

Midwinter Break Part I

I have been truly delinquent lately. Though it's not that I haven't been working...it is in fact, that I've been working so much that I have had too much to blog about so it's easier to just not blog. Now I've repented and I'm going to show you everything I've worked on the past few weeks. This last week was my mid-winter break from school and with the weather cold outside, it was a perfect reason to stay inside and create.

My break started off on a Friday with a wonderful party with my girlfriends and sisters. We got together, ate good food, chatted, and everyone helped me with wedding preparations. I regret saying that I didn't take any pictures because we were enjoying one another's company so much, but instead I'll show you a picture of some of the things we did, namely:
~assembled 150 pinwheel party favors
~put labels on 100 wedding bubbles and tied ribbons
~made loads of yarn pom poms for the flower girls to throw
~folded 100 cloth napkins and tied them with ribbon
~folded tissue paper for the dalia flowers
~caught up with old friends and made some new

It was a lovely evening and was so nice to get so much help! This saved me from countless evenings in front of the TV with my paper cutter and pom pom maker! Thank you, ladies!

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  1. Ooo, it looks great. I am so excited for your wedding!