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Friday, December 10, 2010

Luncheon Napkins

Today I am making napkins for my wedding luncheon. I thought about renting napkins..costs money and I'm already over my budget, thought about buying paper napkins...okay but a little boring. Then I thought about this really great king-sized sheet I got at a thrift store that was the perfect sort of fabric for napkins!
So to make my napkins, I took the sheet and tore it into 17" inch squares. The great thing about cotton fabrics is that it tears on grain, so I don't have to measure each square and cut by hand. Next, I serged all the edges of each napkin. I used a 3-thread rolled serge with "sour apple" colored thread.
After doing that, I went through all my fabric scraps and picked out pieces with flowers I could applique onto each napkin. I used wonder-under so I wouldn't have to stitch them on. Wonder-under is truly a wonder. I ironed it onto the wrong side of my fabric, then cut each flower out using small scissors, so I basically ended up with a big pile of fabric patches.
Once I was done serging and ironing all my napkins, I peeled off the backing and ironed them on to the corner of my napkin. In the end, I'll tie them with a brightly colored grosgrain ribbon, and voila! Spring is here! I'm so excited for the color that this is going to add to the table settings!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE THESE!! You're really outdone yourself this time.

  2. Wow, these turned out so great.
    I've been meaning to ask you for advice on sergers...maybe this Friday I can check yours out?

  3. These are SO FREAKIN' CUTE, Cydney. Love them!

  4. haha I already commented on how adorable these were, but I was showing my husband and felt the urge to comment again.