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Saturday, November 27, 2010

magazine wreaths

I saw these wreaths on a blog for the rag & bone shop and fell in love with them. Since my wedding is going to have a vintage recycled fabric & paper feel with it, I felt that these would be a perfect addition!
1. First, I bought some wire wreath bases at Michaels and separated them so I could have two separate rings to use for my wreath base.
2. I cut the catalog pages into 10" squares (this is as big as I'll go... I actually prefer a 6-8" square) and used a thin metal rod to roll them diagonally. I had to make sure it was a tight roll, then I taped it at the end.
3. Once I had at least 100 straws, I sewed them snugly together on the sewinig machine about 2" from the end, ending up with a long string of straws sewn together.
4. I took embroidery floss and used it to attach the staws to the smaller wreath base.
5. Once this was done, I carefully flipped it over and used hot glue to attach the larger wreath base to the straws.
6. After gluing, I used more floss to attach the outer ring to the wreath. Voila!

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  1. This wreath looks beautiful :) Thanks a lot for posting the instructions. I don't have a sewing machine. can you suggest of some alternate way by which I can create this wreath without a sewing machine. Thanks in advance!