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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I bet Kate Middleton will never spraypaint shelves

I'm not usually one to obsessively follow Hollywood couples or english royalty, but I did check out William and Kate's wedding on Friday. Perhaps it's because I'm still on a high from my own wedding and really wanted to see Kate's wedding dress (which I absolutely loved.) They really looked happy and I loved the way William would steal glances at Kate during the ceremony and exchange coy looks with his brother. They really did look blissfully happy and it reminded me of my own blissfully happy wedding a mere three weeks ago. So needless to say, love was in the air, and William and Kate were on my mind this weekend as I set about the daunting task of organizing and cleaning the post-wedding mayem in my sewing room. I sent husband away for the weekend so I could tear apart the house and clean to my heart's desire. I started by taking apart the shelving unit I bought off craigslist a few months ago. These are pretty heavy duty industrial shelves and they looked the part so I decided to spray paint them white to make them look a little daintier--if that's possible. As I sat outside in my bare feet and sweat pants, spraypainting second-hand shelves and thinking about the royal wedding, I started to wonder what life would be like for the Duchess of Cambridge. I'm pretty sure she'd never have to find couches off the side of the road to re-upholster or buy $7 chairs at Value Village for her kitchen. And I'm pretty sure that after the wedding, she won't spend the next three weeks cleaning up after it. The funny thing is, I don't mind. I actually feel a bit sorry for those born into that sort of privledge. I love that I can take apart an old couch and put it back together, that I can find use in somebody else's discarded wares, and that I can enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning and organizing my own home. Growing up in a large family, I was raised on garage sales, hand-me-down clothes, and thrift store prom dresses. I've learned so many useful skills and enjoy every minute of creating and the mess that comes with it...

And here is the result of all my musings. A before shot of the chaos in the sewing room post-wedding: And now, after a weekend of organizing and painting. I am now ready to create again. Don't those shelves look dainty?

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