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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Midwinter Break Part IV Birdcage Veil

To cap off a lovely and productive week, Micah and I got together to make me a birdcage veil. Actually, Micah made it for me while I sat unpicking the seams in my wedding dress. Micah is incredibly talented at making beautiful hairpieces. We spent our morning driving through the maze that is Seattle to find Nancy's Sewing Basket in Queen Anne. This is a great little fabric shop that has beautiful fabrics and accessories. We picked out some beautiful silk flowers, feathers, felt, and birdcage veil netting.
As I sat in the couch unpicking the stitches on my dress, Micah spent an hour arranging and rearranging the feathers and holding them up to my head until they were perfect.
Once it was how she wanted it, she glued it together with a hot glue gun. We had enough flowers for two, so she went ahead and made both so we could see what we wanted once I had my dress on. We'll add the veil later as well once I know how my hair will be styled. I am so happy with how these turned out and wish I could wear both!

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