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Thursday, September 16, 2010

measure twice, cut once...

Wise advice from my father. Wish I had heeded it tonight. I'm so anxious to get started on a new dress, and with the outside pretty much complete, I rushed through the lining. Lesson learned... the the inside of the dress is just as important as the outside. I cut my skirt lining and didn't fit it to me before sewing it into the dress. So once I got it all put in and serged and finished, I tried the dress on, and the lining is skin tight underneath the dress. So for one, it makes the dress look sloppy because you see wrinkles under it, and it makes me look bigger because it's so tight. I could kick myself. Three hours wasted. And now I have to go back and not only take out the old lining, I've got to put in a new lining. Then I can just hem the dress and get started on a new one.

Anyway, here are some pictures so far. The fit isn't great because of that darn lining, so that will have to be remedied. And it wouldn't hurt if I could shave off some of my shoulders. They're a bit too big for this dress. Please excuse the sarcasm. Very frustrated with myself. Unfortunately, the lighting does not give much justice to the dress detail or the fabric. In fact, in this light, it looks kind of cheap, to be honest. It will look much better with good lighting and without a smirk on my face.

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